Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RIP Spike

Our wonderful and beloved bearded dragon died last night.   He was my son's first pet, his own dragon that he got for his birthday.  Spike was his name and he was great.   Gage could get him out of the cage and walk around with him on his shoulder.   Spike would calmly sit on Imogen's lap.   He would slowly close his eyes, with a look of pleasure when you stroked his head just right.  This was my first reptile as well and I was really surprised by how personable he was.  Unfortunately, we were just getting to know him.

Spike seemed perfectly fine yesterday, he ate and pooped and sat on Imogen's lap.  He was his usual self.

I am thankful that we took some pictures yesterday, his last day.  I am sad that he is gone.  We will miss our little Spikey as he was so lovingly called by my children.  Good bye Spikey, rest in peace.