Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Girls

We have had the girls for 4 weeks now, it is time for introductions.

Here they are . . .

What a pretty backside they have :)

We (I mean Gage) named them Yoko, Minnow, Boulder and Cookie.  Cookie was actually named by the neighbor Ryan when she flew into their yard.  He specifically asked if we would name her Cookie and after his help in capturing her safely, how could I refuse?  To read more about the escape and rescue of our Cookie take a look at this post What the Bleep!





The girls are about 6 months old and still scrawny teenagers.  They will plump up in the next couple of months into big, round chickens.  As well as excellent layers!

Other members of the family enjoy watching the girls.

Some find maybe a little too much enjoyment out of watching them :)

So now I am thinking maybe 4 isn't enough.  Hmmmm. .   maybe we'll get a couple of chicks to add to our flock.  Time to lock up the girls for the night.   Good night.

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