Friday, April 29, 2011

Poor Yoko

I came home today from a fun filled play date with our friends Kirsten, Avi and Eli to find a very annoyed husband.  "One of the chickens got into the neighbor's yard and their dog got it, the red one." he says to me with more than a tad bit of anger.

"Dead?" I ask.

"No, OK it is back in the chicken yard"

I go out to check on the invalid and find her strutting around with her sisters, missing most of her tail feathers.  Bare skin flashing.

I haven't gotten the rest of the story, seemed the wrong time to ask.  But I plan on taking a gift of a wine and a dozen eggs to my neighbor tomorrow for her trouble.  :)

Hopefully the silly chicken will now realize how lucky they are, how good their lives are and how dangerous the neighbors dog is!

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