Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day

I admit I am a hypocrite.  I never put a whole lot of energy into celebrating mothers, even my own (sorry mom), before I became a mother.  Being a mother is the most incredible, fantastic, wonderful blessing to be bestowed upon me.  I am blessed with two healthy, smart, vibrant children.

That being said - motherhood is HARD and I want to be celebrated!  Not only is motherhood hard, but it is a job that is seldom recognized.  I want this day, I want a day that gets me off the hook.   I don't want things, I want treatment.  As well I know that my children are still very young and a husband can only do so much, so I come up with a few things that seem reasonable.  I also know my husband, along with many others doesn't understand hints or innuendos.  So I made this mother's day easy on him and myself - I made a clear list.  This is EXACTLY what I want on that, my special day.

Here is my list:

  1. Sleep in.  I want to sleep in so badly I get a little teary eyed thinking about it.
  2. Go out to breakfast/brunch.  I don't want to get up right after having slept in to a hungry bunch that I need to feed, to prepare a meal.  I want to wake up and go have someone else feed my hungry brood and me :)
  3. Go to a movie by myself.  Now some may think this is crazy, but one of my favorite things to do is go to a movie by myself.  I so rarely get time alone, where I don't have to be ready at any moment to answer the cry of a child in need, or help someone back to sleep or make a meal or clean, etc.  So these matinees by myself are so wonderful!  This is my greatest gift.   Mmmmm - I can't wait.

When I read it over my list seems doable, attainable.  I look forward to it almost as much as I will look forward to getting home to my perfect family as soon as my movie is over.

Happy mother's day to all you mom's out there!  Make it easy this year for you and your husband make a list and make it attainable  :).  Enjoy yourself on your special day.

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  1. What a scary story. I am sorry for you all. We lost another! chicken while away this weekend. We are now a food source here in west county. :(