Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Our little Charlotte waits.  She waits patiently by her well spun egg sac for her little babies to hatch.  Every time we look she is the same place, waiting.

For a moment I thought she had died because she was always in the same place.  But the next morning I saw she had a new web, freshly spun and beautiful.  So she waits quietly, in her own pre-baby stillness.  Moving at night to spin a new web or wrap up a flapping insect.  Than moving back to guard her babies, to watch over her little ones as the sun passes over them all.

Watching her, in what seems her unending patience, reminds me of waiting for my first baby.  Of course my baby was on the inside and there was only one.  But it seems similar, the waiting.  Those last months and weeks seem so long as you grow heavier.  Spending sleepless nights thinking of the new person coming into the world, so excited to meet him/her.   Waiting.

So our little Charlotte waits and she teaches me patience, as I long to meet her little ones as well.  I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to do the waiting game more than once.  Where Charlotte will see these many babies into the world and than she will leave it.  Patiently waiting.

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