Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The babies are here!

We have baby chicks!  This morning Flower was much more concerned about me poking around under her to check on the eggs.  So I took her message and left her alone for a bit.  I was however too intrigued to leave her alone for long.  On my next check I reached under her and a little, perfect, beautiful chick popped her or his little head out.  Imogen and I were so excited and she desperately wanted to hold the baby chick.  We did however respect Flower's nervousness and tucked the baby under her wing again and left her alone.   She appears to be a strict mother as she tucked that little baby tightly under her wing and fluffed herself back out to cover everyone.  There are a lot of eggs left, so we have just begun our hatching endeavor.  Will write soon to let you know how many of the 9 hatched and how things are going with the new mama.

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