Monday, April 23, 2012

Growing babies

It is amazing how quickly these chicks are growing.  I love watching these little fluff balls take dust baths in the sun.  They are already beginning to get feisty with each other over table scraps.  It seems that mac and cheese is a favorite of theirs as well as my children.  They have already grown feathers on their wings and some of them have pretty substantial tail feathers, I am thinking they may be the roosters.  I have one rooster and three hens going to a friend.  The principal from Gage's school is taking at least one rooster, maybe two.  I hope to find homes for them all, I really don't want to leave them at Western Farm Center.  I truly don't mind the roosters going to the dinner table, but I would like them to live a good life on pasture until their lives are over.  That being said anyone in Sonoma County ready to have some chickens, let me know!

I have to say I have a few favorites.  Here is one of them.

She/he is an unknown.  Hatched from one of the eggs I got from Three Graces Farm, the only one with feathered legs from her.  When I asked her what chickens she had with feathered legs, she told me she had a brahma that was eaten by a raccoon a while ago, perhaps we had her last egg?  I hope it is, as I LOVE brahmas.  But I really can't add to my flock.  My chickens are in my back yard and I can only have so many.  My coop will only hold so many.  But, maybe, just maybe I could add another?  Or maybe two?  Hmmmm

Here are my two Black Copper Marans.   It appears that at least one is a rooster.

Flower is still doing a wonderful job of mothering the chicks.  She doesn't eat until they are full and she is always available for a warm up under her belly.  Ever time I pick up the chicks their crops are stuffed full, theses babies eat constantly.  I suppose you would have to consume a lot of calories to maintain their growth rate.

We continue to have so much fun and enjoyment from these babies.  I am looking forward to doing this again!  :)

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